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The first DPI competition of the 2018-19 session took place on 17 May with Frank Lodge as our judge for the evening.

With thirteen members putting entries for the JF Mather Trophy, nine members enteringing the Tom Scatchard Trophy and 34 entries in the the Norfolk Trophy it was quite a busy night for the judge.

JF Mather Trophy was won by Graham Binns with -

Force Aura (20)
34   Force Aura









13th September brought our first training evening. Considering the glamorous nature of the subject, 'Mounts, Rules and Competitions', there was an impressive turnout! Experienced members helped to highlight important aspects of the rules by way of constructive comments from the floor during the presentations.

These ranged from explaining the methods of mounting photographic prints to setting out the image size limits for the various competitions the club is involved in. Although all this information is detailed in the club rules, available on-line for everyone to see, it proved useful to explain why some of the restrictions exist.


We had an excellent turnout for the first evening of the new season.

The theme of the evening was "Did you have a good summer?" when members show us a selection of the images they had taken during our recess.

Nine members put their images up in th eDropbox, and a few more brought them along on the night.

This is just a small sample of the images we were enthralled by.


Bingley hosted this year's battle on 11th December.


As per last year battle was totally DPI images with there being no print entries. The judge was Colin Williams and was very fair giving some excellent comments..

The night was both disappointing and elating all in one evening.

Disappointment  - To say we were outnumbered in membership turnout is a little understated - their 40+ to our 2 members.

At the half time tea break Bingley were slightly ahead 259 points to our 240.

Elated – well you can guess this bit – by the end of the evening we had pulled ahead and the final score was

               Bingley – 492   Bradford PS – 512 - we won.

What a competition evening - it even snowed! The last day of November saw our first print trophy night of the 2017-8 session and it was very well supported. There were 43 entries for the WH Hammond portrait trophy and 44 for the JH Leighton open pictorial trophy. This produced a prodigious workload for our judge, Andrew Rothery, which he tackled with gusto and without skimping on the useful advice or the witty asides.

Thursday 19 October saw the first BPS competition night of the season, for Digitally Projected Images.  Our judge was Howard Tate (MA Phot ARPS AFIAP), one of our favourites. We had more images than usual, 159 altogether from 21 authors.  We were all very pleased to see this amount of participation, if a little concerned about squeezing everything in.


There was a good turn out from members.  Rais called order and got proceedings rolling quickly.  Howard kept his comments succinct but full of valuable advice.  He even managed to include useful tips for users of Photoshop and Lightroom.  His criticisms were obviously not always agreed with but he gave them respectfully and constructively, drawing on his considerable depth of knowledge and wealth of experience.  Members could be heard expressing their appreciation for what they had learned. And I learnt that a JCB is a Joe Cornish boulder in the foreground.

On 18 May we had our final competition night of the year. There were two competitions, one for the best audio-visual presentation and one for the best image taken using a phone or tablet.  Both competitions were judged by a vote by the members present.
There were 7 authors entering the phone/tablet competition, with up to 4 image-entries each.  The winner was Gareth Nolan with an image of the beautiful Waswater in dramtic weather, shown above.

Last night was the third of our print competitions. In the words of the judge Margaret Southerngton LRPS, "our members do get to to travel to all sorts of places."

Margaret also commented on the great range of images as is usual for the society.

The JW Murray Trophy was the first to be judged.

1st place went to Andy Withey with his picture of Victoria Gate Leeds (20 pts). "It has good shapes and tones, with detail even in the darker areas."

2nd went to GRaham Binns with his picture of "Keswick Clouds" (also 20 pts)

3rd went to Graeme Mitchell with his "Saltsburg Horses" (19 pts)

On Thursday 23 February we were treated to a twinkling talk on photographing the night sky by David Bishop from the Bradford Astronomical Society.

A whole new universe was opened up as he explained how to  get images of distant objects - double stars, galaxies and nebulae many of which are not visible to the naked eye. Also 'nearby' objects like the moon, eclipses, transits of the sun and amazing alignments of planets were all shown.

The third Trophy Night for Digital Projected Images took place on 9 Feb 2017, with the usual atmosphere of anticipation and enthusiasm.  Our judge was Sally Sallett, familiar to us already and warmly welcomed.  Her informative and constructive comments were listened to with great interest.
There were 87 images altogether -  12 for the Percy Lund Novice All-Rounder Trophy, 26 for the CE Lawson, Creative Processing Trophy and 49 for the VB Lloyd Trophy - for Photojournalism, Action or Sport.
Abandoned junkshop typewriter, Still life - Graham Binns

Thursday 1 September saw the first meeting of the new session. An impressive fourteen members altogether showed their work. So, with most submitting ten photographs, commentary on each was necessarily brief. It is always fascinating to hear the story behind an image. Some seriously stunning work was on show and we will no doubt see many of these images again in our competitions.

Treasurer Mathew was gainfully employed taking subscriptions with his impressive pre-printed receipts.

Along with a nice catch-up chat, it was a great start to the 2016-17 year!



Due to a variety of reasons, the number of members and spouses who went on the trip reduced to only seven. Then because of the weather, the two island trip was amended to be only land on one (Health and Safety - slippy causeway).

Still that did not deter us from getting some fantastic shots of the birds and a few seals from a distance. Paul and Graeme have already posted some images on our Facebook page.



By gum those Terns are vicious little birds protecting their nest.







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