• Do you have a definitive attitude to your photography?
  • Do you really try and take your time in setting up the perfect composition, for what is available, to make the perfect image?
  • Do you consider using Aperture or Shutter priority, rather than Auto Program?
  • Do you consider if exposure compensation will help to improve the final outcome?
  • Are you sure the White Balance on your camera is set for the current conditions?
  • Should you shoot in Raw or Jpeg or Tiff?
  • Would Landscape or Portrait format suit the composition better?
  • Would changing the ISO help, or cause unnecessary noise, or improve a given effect situation?
  • Would it be better to wait for the light/darkness to arrive just get the perfect image?
  • Have you checked the settings on your camera since last time you used it?

I am sure everybody at sometime have considered some of the above points prior to pressing the shutter button. Perhaps some of us suffer from the machine gun effect, assuming that if we take enough, some images will come out good.

  • Do we take the image and believe that it will look better after some post-processing in Photoshop?
  • Do we shoot an image to suit a title, or think of a title afterwards?

I think the answers to some of these questions are very simple. Photography should be enjoyable, no matter what standard of ability you are at, and no matter what equipment you use. It is an activity which can never be completely learnt in any one lifetime, no matter what age you start at. Technology is like moving sand, it constantly changes and we go to the next level. However, it is this constantly changing battle that keeps our interest going, If there was not a challenge, where would the fun be? Photography is a media for all, no matter what your gender, age, abled or disabled. Photographers come from every walk of life. So why continue making these decisions by yourself?

Join the Bradford Photographic Society and be involved with like-minded people, and share the satisfaction that only Photography can give.

Paul Richards (President), BPS