Saturday 9th May saw the 116th Assembly of the Yorkshire Photographic Union. The event was hosted in Doncaster by Doncaster Camera Club who were celebrating the 120th anniversary of their founding in 1895.

The Doncaster Museum and Art Gallery, on Chequers Road, provides a splendid, beautifully lit venue for the print exhibition. This also includes a television showing the selected digital images on a continuous loop and will be open to the public until 5th July 2015. The sole BPS print selected this year was David Hopkinson's 'Nave to West Window, Lincoln Cathedral' which was also awarded a Certificate of Merit - well done David!

Congratulations are also due to Steve Swis who's 'Drawn Back to the Scene' was selected for the digital section.

This was projected in the afternoon session in the Cast Theatre after the presentation of awards. Pat Haith, the Civic Mayor of Doncaster, awarded the prizes including a Life Vice-Presidency of the YPU for Brian Hemsworth of Leeds Co-operative Photographic Society.

It is obviously disappointing to have only two out of 65 entries accepted. As a result we were well down the rankings in the club trophies - 26th out of 29 in the colour prints and 35th out of 41 in the general digital images.

Looking at the selected images subjectively, it is easy to see why most of them were chosen; there were fewer 'what's so special about that?' images in there.

A video was shown of the winners of the 2014 Yorkshire International Salon. This attracted an impressive 6400 entries from 66 countries. Perhaps we should enter the 2015 version in the autumn.

Next year's assembly will be held in Wakefield on 7th May 2016.

Those who entered are entitled to a brochure  - please collect yours from Tom Heggie.


Each returned print has the score on the back and you can see the scores for the DPIs on the attrached PDF.