Bradford Photographic Society were proud to be asked to help the National Media Museum with their summer event. Entitled 'Nature, Camera, Action!' it is aimed at drawing children into the museum during the summer holidays and promoting an interest in nature through photography. There are several elements to the exhibition, but our input was in the Macro photography part, showing the wondrous world that opens up when you look closely at something familiar.

Rais Hasan was a natural 'star' as a presenter in the short video filmed in Lister Park to demonstrate the technique using the macro function on a compact camera - which many families will already have. Everyone got a bit wet!

Several budding actors emerged!

Paul Richards, who took most of the photographs here, put in a great deal of work in the background to help BPS provide very professional support to the Museum's project.

When the exhibition started on Saturday 17th July, both Rais and Paul attende the grand opening and helped by demonstrating the macro techniques.

The wi-fi  microscope that Paul borrowed from the manufacturer proved particularly popular.

It's a great summer exhibition! Go and see it and take your kids / grandchildren!