Bingley hosted this year's battle on 11th December.


As per last year battle was totally DPI images with there being no print entries. The judge was Colin Williams and was very fair giving some excellent comments..

The night was both disappointing and elating all in one evening.

Disappointment  - To say we were outnumbered in membership turnout is a little understated - their 40+ to our 2 members.

At the half time tea break Bingley were slightly ahead 259 points to our 240.

Elated – well you can guess this bit – by the end of the evening we had pulled ahead and the final score was

               Bingley – 492   Bradford PS – 512 - we won.

We had three 20’s to their one. The 20’s being from Alex (2) and Michael.
Well done to you both.





All the images we entered are in the galley along with a complete score sheet for our images