With Bradford PS as hosts, the second round of this year's Interclub competition took place in St James' Church Hall off Bolton Road on Saturday 25 November.

The judge was Geoff France from Holmfirth whose voice carried well so that everyone could hear his comments without the microphon.

The scores for our entries varied.

An Impressive 20 for Paul Richards' 'Bang' - see header image.

14 for 'The Appeal' by Alex Daniels


15 for 'Total Warrior' by Rais Hasan


18 for 'She's with Me' by Michael Myers


16 for 'Royal Marine Beach Landing' by Mark Revill

This gave us 5th equal place on the night with 83 out of 100.

A big thank you to the select band of members who helped out on the night (and in the afternoon set-up) for making the evening a success by fulfilling vital functions, some more glamorous than others!