'Dawn at LLandudno Pier' by Michael Myers scored 20 for BPS

Our battle with Pudsey Camera Club on 26 March was much anticipated and did not disappoint. The visitors turned up in strength - both in terms of images and people. They were nice and early too, arriving before we had any chairs set out!  Christine Hodgson BA Hons, ARPS, CPAGB , our judge,  had apparently, judged the last battle we had with Pudsey some years ago! She did a great job deciding scores in short order, not having seen the images in advance.

It was completely open-house for categories of image and we saw everything from record to creative including the pictorial images and portraits that you might expect. The first half of the evening was the print competition, 15 from each club presented in a randomised sequence. Pudsey had no less than three 20s in this section and at this half-way point led BPS by 260 points to 252.

'Stephanie with Voile' by Larry Walker scored 20 for Pudsey CC

'Sledging' by Neil Whitman scored 20 for Pudsey CC

'Tillie' by Larry Walker scored 20 for Pudsey CC

However we fought back in the digital section after tea. Both clubs had one 20 and the scoring was generally a bit lower than the prints with BPS scoring 245 to Pudsey's 241.

'Southwark Underground' by Claire Marshall scored 20 for Pudsey CC


The final overall result was a narrow win for Pudsey with 501 to our 497. Our congratulations to them!  It was fascinating to see the different ideas and styles. And our thanks to Chris for her many helpful comments on the images.  We look forward to a return match in a couple of years time.