On 15th September, our meeting on software techniques was well attended.

Jason Feather started us off with a demonstration of the power of Snapseed and Circle on a mobile phone. Most of the image adjustments familiar to Lightroom / Photoshop users are availble in Snapseed at the flick of a finger on this free app -how can you do without it? For the rich, an expenditure of under £2 will get you Circle which offers enormous creative possibilities - supply your own imagination.

President Rais followed with a short explanation of the joys and intricaies of mounting and framing pictures for the forthcoming club Annual Exhibition in shipley Library.

After tea, Andy Withey demonstreated the techniques he uses in Lightroom. Covering a range of useful operations from importing images through filing systems, analysing metadata, use of presets, highlighting clipping etc etc Andy gave even seasoned users new ideas to speed their image processing.

Paul Richeards then demonstrated some of the newer features of Photoshop CC ranging from Content Aware Fill which will be a boon to everyone who gets their initial framing wrong (and who doesn't) to Font Match which will be perfect for forgers and several more innocent activities. There's always more to find out about Photoshop - often features that have been hiding in there for years!

With regular input from the audience, it was a lively and informative meeting.