It’s a cold wet windy November day with no sun and dull heavy clouds — not the day to take your camera out to battle with the weather. So how do we keep the interest going in our chosen hobby?

Simples. Go into your local Nikon dealer and test the Nikon Nerd lens in a warm studio. "Nerd lens"? Whats that?

Simples. The Nikon 24mm PC-E shift/tilt f/3.5 manual lens. It’s different because it allows the lens to move in any direction, while the camera body stays still.

Tilt/shift lens

  • great for depth of field shots in landscape.
  • great for getting building shots straight — no more photoshop lens correction filters


  • must be used on a tripod
  • manual focus
  • designed for full-frame cameras D3 D3s D3x D700
  • not to the simplest of lenses to use

Tilt/shift lens

However, great fun to pass a winter's day, preparing for the bright winter days which will come sometime.

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