Report of Bradford Photographic Society Meetings

The reports of the meetings held by Bradford Photographic Society

How to Take a PhotoThe new BPS season starts on Thursday 3rd September, at 7.30pm. The programme kicks-off with a two-part series on technique. If you often find yourself wondering what goes through other photographers' heads, just before they press the shutter, then these talks are for you.

Part One explores the different ways of seeing a potential photo, composing the image, and setting your camera for the best results. In Part Two, the audience is asked to provide recent images — taken since Part One, if possible — to demonstrate how these techniques work. Everyone will be invited to comment on the merits of each photograph, and, where appropriate, suggest improvements which could have been made at the time of capture, or can be made in post-processing.

Whatever your level of expertise, there will hopefully be something for you. You may even be able to pass on a gem of wisdom yourself.