Report of Bradford Photographic Society Meetings

The reports of the meetings held by Bradford Photographic Society

Photographer2nd September sees the start of the 2010–11 Bradford Photographic programme, and this one promises to be the best one yet. Not only does the year kick off with a techniques night, but this will be a theme for every first Thursday of the month.

This year also sees us celebrate the 150th anniversary of the Society, and there a plans afoot to celebrate this event in style at the Town Hall with the Lord Mayor, so why not join and be involved in what will be a very exciting time for all members, old and new.

There will, of course, be the normal variety of evenings to look forward to, including guest speakers, competitions, and social gatherings, to entice you along. Full details will soon be available in the Coming Soon section of the site.

Look forward to seeing you Thursday 2nd!

"Schools Out For Summer" - were the lyrics sung by Alice Cooper on one of his better known hits and though this is not technically correct for the society, our syllabus has ended for 2009/2010 and will not begin again until September for the 2010/2011 season.

The season has seen many things, some very interesting speakers, great images and close competition between members and clubs in varying competitions. We won the Ossett battle but, having won the Interclub last year, managed to come only 4th this year.

We have seen an influx of new members following a huge improvement to this website, many thanks to Keith Nuttall for all his great work here and in many other aspects of the society over the year, and a presence on local radio, BCB Community radio @ 106.6fm.

So, you may be asking what happens over the summer period well fear not fellow photographic enthusiasts for we will be meeting up for various photographic events throughout the summer and these will be in the coming soon part of the website.

So if you fancy joining us, contact us by clicking on the link in the top right of the website and say hello. We look forward to hearing from you.

Still LifeThis week, the BPS will be trying out Still Life Photography again. They will be arranging, lighting and photographing a variety of inanimate objects in weird and wonderful ways—hopefully.

So, if you want to try your hand at capturing still objects at their best, bring some suitable objects, a variety of backgrounds/surfaces, and maybe something to light them with. Oh, and don't forget your camera!

Barry PaylingProfessional photographer and photography circuit lecturer Barry Payling will be visiting us on Thursday 11th February. He'll not only be giving us a talk on his landscape photography, but anecdotes of his associated adventures. His presentation will be illustrated by medium-format slides on a Hasselblad projector.

We are warned that his stories are not for the faint-hearted!

PhotoshopThis week, we will be mostly honing Photoshop CS (and Elements) skills by working together in small groups, passing tips around, and getting the best from their photographs.

If you find Photoshop impenetrable, are gazing up at the learning curve, or are simply on the lookout for new tricks, then this week's session is for you. Take four Photoshop users, and you'll get four different ways to achieve the end result.

Well, 2010 sees the start of a New Year, and 7th January saw the resumption of our Thursday meetings. This year's programme is full of some great events, talks and workshops, so there will be something for everybody.

The weather affected attendance at last night's meeting, and, even though the current conditions are perfect inspiration for great photography, they do make getting to your chosen location that little bit more difficult.

So, a Happy New Year to all, and we hope to see you at next week's meeting — weather dependent. In fact, join me and start digging your car out now, and we'll meet up then!

Christmas is nearly upon us, and our thoughts are already turning to those of meeting up with family and friends, and enjoying the seasonal festivities.

Here at the BPS, things are no different, and this Thursday sees the last meeting of the pre-Christmas syllabus taking place, not at the usual venue of the Upper Bolton Conservative Club, but at a curry house in Shipley. Unfortunately, the restaurant is now fully booked, but any prospective new members please bear in mind that a bit of a do is an annual event, so even more incentive to join us in January, for the resumption of the programme on the 7th.

You can then share stories of festive revelry and any photographic gifts that you may either have been surprised with by loved ones or purchased for yourself over the Christmas break.>

I can guarantee you will receive a warm welcome in the New Year. So, time to think about making a resolution to enjoy your photography more in 2010, and where better to start than with a group of like minded fellow amateurs, enthusiasts and professionals?

Merry Christmas to all.

PAGBThis week's meeting was devoted to the images from this year's Photographic Alliance of Great Britain competition, in which the regional federations enter their best photos.  As you would guess, the images were of a very good standard, with some outstanding photos spread throughout the selection.

There seems to be a trend of "environmental portraiture" in the last two years, where photographers use wide-angle lenses to include the subject's "natural habitat" as context.  Old favourites included "colour-popping" (where the background is converted to mono), and there were plenty of Natural History images, some of which were breathtaking.  The Brits are obviously getting about a bit too, as there were quite a few exotic photos included.

Members were encouraged to comment on the images, with some guessing the techniques involved, and others praising or disagreeing with the judges' in their choice of images, and the authors' skills.  Overall, it was good to see what "the competition" is up to (and how much of a threat they pose!), as well as hope that some of the great works' inspiration might rub off.

Photo by Andy GoodallThe Bradford Photographic Society was treated to a lecture by renowned exhibitor Andy Goodall, with an insight into Urban European landscapes, and his current revelation, Portraiture. With over 40 years of experience in Photography, Andy not only showed his work, but gave an insight to his reasons of why he captured the images in his own particular style.

It soon became apparent that Andy's Urban Landscapes showed a special art form which Andy had developed over a period of time. His style has been praised and accepted from some of the highest photographic organisations in the country. Andy made a point of interacting with the attentive audience, who appreciated his comprehensive display.

Our sincere thanks go out to Andy, for his in-depth work in preparing such an interesting night.

Thursday night saw the first portrait night of the year, and what a success it was. There was a large turn out of members, old and new, all with their cameras reading to either learn new or further enhance their portrait photography skills.

Paul generously provided a large array of lighting equipment for the evening, and two models bravely took to their respective stools, no doubt feeling like stars on a red carpet for a premier, in front of enough lenses to fill a generously apportioned camera emporium.

Many shots were taken, poses struck, and great portfolio photographs made. It was also great to meet a couple of people from Bradford Community Radio (BCB 106.0 fm), and we look forward to seeing how the shots work out.

Tonight is the first night in the syllabus where club members and any newcomers to the society are encouraged to bring in their current photographic equipment.

It gives everyone an opportunity to see any new purchases that may have been made over the summer recess, and also, if anyone has their sights on a new bag, lens or camera, the chance to chat to a past/current owner to get some hands-on experience before making a purchase themselves.

So, if you're a fan of Nikon, Canon, Sony or any other camera manufacturer, there will be somebody in attendance with something in their kit-bag that, by the end of the night, you'll have decided is a must-have!


Dave Coates - Abroad with a CameraMany thanks to Dave Coates for another interesting evening of breathtaking landscape photos, and the stories behind them. We were treated to awe-inspiring exotic and beautiful images from Eastern Europe, the Mediterranean, and the United States. It was great to see Velvia slides in use too - reminding us of the high quality possible from film.
Dave Coates Photography