Report of Bradford Photographic Society Meetings

The reports of the meetings held by Bradford Photographic Society


The Next BPS meeting, on the 24th March, is the last portrait night of the season. Bring your camera and tripod.

Please check your ISO for your camera and Flash sycro speed. Most are 1/250 sec, but check your manual.

We have arranged a model, however, please bring a costume to wear, and we could have a fun night.

I will supply the studio equipment.


Next Meeting: 17th March 2011. Ossett Camera Club vs. Bradford Photographic Society.

The Annual battle between Ossett Camera Club and the Bradford Photographic Society. Defending winners BPS will host the Competition this year. Let the action begin at 7.30pm this Thursday.


It's time to dust off your camera and join in the Still Life Techniques.

Bring your camera, flashgun and tripod, plus a prop. The more different the better, from flowers to droplets, or, even better, something NEW!

Fun starts at 7.30pm, Thursday 10th March.



BPS training night - March

This monthly session is all about using software to create Audio Visual Shows.

Past President Kenn Taylor will be showing you how to use "Pictures to EXE", and Past President Graeme Mitchell will be showing you the virtues of a product called "Photodex Producer".

Training nights are open to the General Public, and entrance is free. Come along and see this different type of photography. Impress your friends.

AV software

This week sees our annual A-V Competition. Entries on the night are allowed. Shows last about 4–10 minutes.
Software can be downloaded to do this kind of work. See if you can be a film producer from your own library of still images.
Also, last chance to get your prints in the forthcoming Print Competition.

altJohn Ramsden, an ex-BPS member, will showing us the work involved in trying to get a degree in photography. John will be explaining what is required in course work, to get your HNC and HND, and finally a Degree in Photography.

Not to be missed for anybody thinking of getting some letters behind their name in the professional side of photography.


Next Meeting: 3rd February 2011, Training Night - Nik / OnOne Plug-ins For Photoshop Lightroom and Apple Aperture. Open to the Public

Peter Lovelock will be showing us the advantages of plug-ins for Photoshop, Lightroom and Aperture, including Nik Software and OnOne Software. He will be demonstrating how this software can be used to change your images. If you have this software, and are having any problems, Peter will help resolve your problem, or even show you a better or easier way to get your desired result.

On Thursday 16th December members were treated to a tremendous presentation and talk by Roy Wooding. He is an enthusiastic and passionate photographer and speaker who enthralled with stories of this photographic journey whilst also relaying tips and tricks on lighting and technique.

For more information and to look at some truly inspiring images, head to his website at

Derry Brabbs is an internationally acclaimed landscape photographer and author of books on the British countryside and its architectural heritage.

He is an author of many photograph books connected to Yorkshire.

This is a night not to be missed, Derry speaking in his very renowned way, with his own style and humour.

This week, Keith Nuttall Shows you how to bring your images from your camera into your computer. All the techniques of getting your image into your computer, regardless of whether they are Jpeg or Raw. Simple use of Photoshop to improve your post processing, in a language you will understand. If you have a computer problem with your images, Keith's your Man.

Training Night Open to The Public

This is the second training night open to the Public, and it's all about flashguns and problems associated with flashguns.

We will try to solve the mysteries that flashguns can sometimes create, and discuss extras that can be put on flashguns, so that you can become a mobile studio, without all the weight of carrying battery packs and heavy monoblock heads. We will also be showing the internal parts of flashguns, so you can see what makes them flash.

Some technical stuff, but we will try to make the night easy to understand.

Portrait NightOne of our Senior members, Don Crabtree, with over 45 years experience of Portraiture, will be showing members some of his incredible work.

He will be explaining how he created his lighting techniques, and then showing members how to set studio lighting up .

So if you fancy having ago at portraiture, bring your camera and a tripod. Who knows, maybe you could be the new David Bailey of Portraiture, and not even know you had the talent.