Icelandic Sunset

On 21 January, Peter Sykes gave us a very interesting insight into life in Iceland.

Since his brother lives there, the perspective was rather different to the usual tourist view. Certainly the scenery was as striking as you'd expect with plenty of impressive images.

Colourful Mountains in Summer

It was the inside knowledge of the people that brought the surprises. A friendly and endlessly helpful lot, 5% of whom still worship the old Norse gods! The rest are mostly Lutheran which explains why that enormous church in Rejkjavik is not a cathedral.

The Big Church, Rejkjavik

Wealth is counted by how many horses you have and how many 4x4s. On the other hand they'll lend you a 4x4 instantly if yours breaks down. And your insurance is OK as it covers the driver in any car.

Plenty of the expected spectacular waterfalls and geysers

but also hot water streams under the winter snow!

A land of extraordinary landscapes and unique people!

Thanks, Peter, for an evening of interesting stories and great images!