Finally we found a newspaper photographer to talk to our club! Been trying for years!!

Alison Jenkins ARPS DPAGB BPE1* from Ware, in Hertfordshire delivered her fascinating talk to us on 10th December. She followed a decade as a driving instructor with four years as a professional photographer before returning to IT , accepting that it offers a better livelihood these days.

Of course weddings formed part of the business plan but Alison tried to impart her own individual style.

Love Lane

Commissions from the local newspaper included press passes for many events involving celebrities. These prompted many stories as the celebrities revealed their attitude to the press. The most extreme was the two-hour security process to see Barrack Obama for three minutes as he walked between Airforce One and that Marines'  helicopter at Stansted Airport while trying to ignore the snipers on the roofs.

Barrack Obama

What a list of big names! Pop stars to royalty and TV personalities.

Another unusual and technically interesting work stream was property. Both to record construction progress and to provide publicity shots, internal and external.

Admiralty Arch  - John Prescott's flat and secret tunnels.

Sometimes the chance arose to make a record shot into an artistic statement.

Basement Swimming Pool


After the virtual tea break, the emphasis was on the hobby aspect of Alison's photography.

Sport covered a huge range- boxing, athletics, cricket, hockey, football, rugby to jet-ski racing. Complete with tips for successful images from talcum powder to shutter speeds and shooting position to faces and the all-important ball.

Wildlife and Nature ranged from ptarmigan and mountain hares to leaping salmon, rare wasps and birds.

Little Owl Feeding Chick

Aircraft, Busses, Steam Trains and Re-Enactments formed another interesting group. Many images were taken at events arranged by the Timeline organisation provided lighting, locations, special effects and re-enactors  aimed  at providing unique opportunities for photographers.


An evening of superb, unusual images and fascinating insights into both the people she encountered and the techniques developed during a diverse photographic "journey".

We thanked Alison for a great evening's entertainment and education and asked her to pass on our compliments to her husband for his contribution.