A Mountain Sky

On Thursday 3 December, Paul Bingham began by saying "I am not really a photographer". First speaker at our club to say that! We soon saw through the pretence, though,  and I have to tell you that he really is quite a photographer.

He told us that his whole attitude to life is coloured by his love of mountains and birds. He's what you'd call a real "Birder". I believe that is a sort of religion involving pilgrimages etc.

So we were treated to a photographic journey through the hills and birds that have been a crucial part of  Paul's life.

First the UK with many tips on where to find what bird and when. The Scottish examples included

White Tailed Eagle with Salmon

and the amazingly camouflaged



After our virtual tea break, it was off to see the world! From the Hebrides to the Alps, Iceland, Spitzbergen,

Feeding a Wild Tern

then the Canaries, South Africa, Ethiopia,


Lilac Breasted Roller  - the world's most colourful bird

and on to New Zealand, the Himalayas, Patagonia and the Antarctic.

King Penguin

What a feast!

It was an enthralling evening for photographers and birders alike. Our sincere thanks to Paul for sharing his passions with us.