On 19 November our meeting was devoted to presentations by seven members of a set of five images on a theme which they chose themselves. As usual this wide brief was fulfilled in a number of different ways.

Don Crabtree's theme was the guide who conducted us round the Haworth workshop of the Keighley & Worth Valley Railway last year. He had taken a number of shots of this undoubtedly photogenic subject and demonstrated how backgrounds can be controlled to improve the presentation of a portrait.

A steam festival, also at Keighley & Worth Valley Railway, was Doug Jarvis's theme. Largely using monochrome, Doug very successfully captured a period atmosphere in his pictures.


Graeme Mitchell took boats as his theme. Along with a nice selection of beautiful boats in beautiful Lake District scenery was this great travel shot of the ferry in Mombasa.


Taking "Viewpoints" as his theme, Kenn Taylor illustrated the effects on an image of the choice of position to take the shot.  These covered a fair range including "safe" and "risky" as illustrated!


An injection of glamour and movement was provided by Martin Cosgrove collection of Dancers. The attempts to demonstrate movement were impressive and the abilities of the dancers themselves remarkable.


Peter Sykes treated us to an impressive collection of churches from his travels, including this superb ceiling from St David's Cathedral in Rekjavik.


"Steam" was Tom Heggie's theme. Factors involved in producing an image that actually looks like steam were illustrated. Also an illegal sixth photo showed an unusual source of steam - the coal-pusher in the tender of the 'Duchess of Sutherland'.


It was a fascinating home-cooked evening!