Our 12 November meeting was a new type of critique for our club at several levels. Lee Sutton  BPE5*, DPAGB, EPSA, EFIAP, LRPS, ADPS, GPU Cr3, GPU Zeus officiated and gave us his opinion on the images as a competition judge. Using Zoom, and with a select number of members submitting images, a very useful two-way conversation developed on each image. He also took the amazing step of doing a rough edit on each image to illustrate his comments!!

Lee's standard opening question was "Why did you take that shot?" which gave several of us pause for thought. Not before time!

Although amusing and direct, Lee's comments were very much to the point.   Here are just a few examples:-

 Eagle Squadron & Sally B

                             Before                                                After


Cheetah Portrait

                         Before                                     After



                         Before                                     After


Medieval Music

                     Before                                          After


While admitting that two of our images were beyond redemption, Lee gave us plenty to think about in terms of composition and post-processing ideas for the rest.


It was a hugely enjoyable and instructive evening and not at all like the header image I have used.

Many thanks to Lee for all his work. It was much appreciated!