Tulips Norfolk

Justin Minns, who made his name with his landscapes of East Anglia, gave us a fascinating insight into the development of his photography on Bonfire Night. He distilled his findings into ten tips which he illustrated very well with his images, giving us the not-quite-good-enough versions before the final finished product.

1 Set the Alarm - get there one hour before sunrise.

The Stour, Sudbury

2 Let There Be Light - sidelight for depth, backlight for drama

Silhouette Aldeburgh

3 Compose Yourself - keep it simple, reflections, what strikes you!

Frostbitten, River Stour

4 Be Prepared - reconnoitre, research location, light direction, weather forecast


5 If at First You Don't Succeed - persevere

Sweeping, Felixstowe

6 Go With the Flow - grab opportunities quickly

Farewell to Summer, Brightlingsea

7 Get Close - to the subject, to the ground


8 Slow Down - wait for the light, slow shutter speeds  for Swooshery, polariser for punch

Backwash, Bawdsey

9 Shoot in RAW - maximum information captured.


10 All the Gear and No Idea - tripod, good quality zooms, three at a time covers everything. Infrared camera takes interesting images outside the golden hours.

No-one could accuse Justin of having no idea! There are not that many full time professional landscape photographers around and commissions from English Heritage and the National Trust reinforce his reputation.


The perfect image  - like being there.


We were privileged to see what goes into producing those fantastic images and inspired to creep a bit further up that learning curve.

Thank you, Justin, for a memorable evening.