John Gill in Action by Graeme Mitchell

With his title reflecting the conditions in the ex-mining towns, John Gill's talk on 30 January was a master class in street photography. Starting with street scenes in Castleford where he lives, John has followed  his theme through a number of run-down coal towns, the homeless in the cities and into the equally run-down sea-side towns.



His trademark techniques are based on catching people unawares so that there is no question of the fixed smile or posed attitude.

The Beach Hut

Some of his images reveal a quiet, ironic sense humour.


Day Dress?

 Many invite the viewer to invent a story behind the picture - and that offers endless possibilities.


Carry on Smoking

A discrete-sized camera, often triggered at waist-level makes him virtually invisible to his subjects. That, combined with the use of monochrome, gives his images a definite strong documentary style.


Leeds Gay Pride Bus Stop

Contrary to his established practice of using images virtually as shot, John has lately tried his hand at more traditional portraiture by removing the background  in post-processing. To very good effect!



All -in-all a very interesting and instructive evening!


Images by John Gill