The first DPI competition of the 2018-19 session took place on 17 May with Frank Lodge as our judge for the evening.

With thirteen members putting entries for the JF Mather Trophy, nine members enteringing the Tom Scatchard Trophy and 34 entries in the the Norfolk Trophy it was quite a busy night for the judge.

JF Mather Trophy was won by Graham Binns with -

Force Aura (20)
34   Force Aura









Glencoe Pass Light Trails (15)
35   Glencoe Pass Light Trails







Snowy Blackrock Cottage (19)
36   Snowy Blackrock Cottage


Tom Scatchard Trophy was won by Michael Myers with -

Barrans Drinking Fountain (17)
319   Barrans Drinking Fountain (Roundhay Park)









Plague Charles Bridge Prague (20)
320   Plague Charles Bridge Prague

Spanish Synagogue Prague (19)
321   Spanish Synagogue Prague

And the Norfolk Trophy was won by Doug Jarvis with

Puffin with Flowers (20)
116   Puffin and flowers

Our thanks go to FrankLodge for his expertise in judging the three competitions, and for his helpful comments about all the entries.