'Elephants have Right of Way'

A training evening with a difference. Before tea Graeme Mitchell showed us his images of his East African Safari, which managed to include a detour via West Africa for good measure. While he claimed no specialist knowledge as a wild life photographer, Graeme clearly learns fast as his images were impressive.

'Bare-Faced Go Away Bird'

Key tips were:-

1.     Carry a long telephoto lens.

2.     Be prepared to tell the driver to stop.

'White Rhinos'

It has to be said that he had a pair of decent cameras and a lifetime's experience to hand!


After tea, Peter Sykes undertook to explain a few of Photoshop's mysteries.

He covered layers, smart objects and re-sizing with thorough demonstrations and a few asides.

Clearly there is a demand for more post-processing workshops and suggestions emerged for a different format. Watch this space!