18 January saw a hybrid training evening. The first half was a talk by David Hopkinson on Architectural Record photography. The winner of the YPU's Mabel Bruce Trophy for the best Architecture or General Record Print in 2107, David knows a thing or two about this topic.



He set out his methodology both in the field and in post-processing. This included a detailed look at his Canon 24mm tilt-shift lens which offers many exciting advantages for both architectural and landscape photography - once you have mastered it, of course! Using exposure bracketing and meticulous merging techniques in Photoshop, his results are impressive.


After tea we watched the audio-visual presentation of the 2017 YPU Exhibition. Audience comments on the selected and prizewinning images were not always complimentary but we had some fun with them and maybe learned something. So we all know what we are up against if / when we submit our entries for this year's event in February.