He doesn't look old enough to have been a professional photographer for 38 years but our speaker on 11 January, Giles Rocholl, gave himself a head start by being taken on as an apprentice photographer by a Harrogate newspaper when he was sixteen.

Going the day-release and night-school route, he became fully qualified and worked his way up through the newspaper business to end up as Picture Editor of the Yorkshire Post. Launching into self-employment, he has now built up his practice to the level where he has stopped working for clients who don't appreciate him!

Many of those who do appreciate him are buying or selling large building developments and he has developed fascinating techniques for making them look good. His personal passion is for landscapes which he also makes look very good!

Giles was kind enough to share with us some of his tricks and methods but it is difficult not to envy his unerring eye, undoubted talent and 38 years' experience.

Some beautiful images, amusing tales and great home-spun philosophy. An inspirational evening to remember!