Thursday 23rd. November’s meeting was mysteriously entitled “Art of Metamorphosis”.

The session featured a presentation and demonstration of the work of award winning Pontefract photographer Andrea Hargreaves. As many may be aware Andrea was the most lauded entrant in last year’ YPU Exhibition with 11 Acceptances, 2 Awards and 5 Certificates of Merit.

The room was lined by Andrea’s prints which gave an excellent illustration of the type and depth of the work she has developed. Art and metamorphosis describe perfectly the style of her photography as the work displayed was an impressive demonstration of composite photographs built into artistic images.

Andrea described in detail how she photographed the constituent parts, and then assembled her final image. The mammoth works were carried out in Photoshop with the use of innumerable layers, blend modes, filters and textures resulting in a creative image that resembled more a work by a 17th. century artist than that of a conventional photographer. Andrea explained how her images were developed with an underlying philosophical idea that may have been drawn from ancient mythology.

Although many may feel that this type of photography is one that is far removed from their own work or indeed where they would want to be, it is without doubt that her work displays incredible skill and attention to detail that has resulted in some beautiful images.

All images by Andrea Hargreaves DPAGB EFIAP BPE3* PSA4

Report by Michael Myers