'Rushpast' by Steve Swiss

Our first meeting of the new session, on 7 September, was very well attended. There was an impressive number of potential new members, a number of whom had brought their summer images to show.

Combined with the images already submitted by members into the Dropbox, we had about 200 images to show. Tom Heggie's suggestion of using half of each person's images was shouted down and we set out to show the lot!

'Take Off' by Zulfi Ali

We were treated to an astonishing variety of ideas and styles and, with the co-operation of brief comments from each author, we managed to finish by 10pm having seen everything.

'Troyes Statue' by Michael Myers                          'Swarovski Crystal' by Peter Sykes

It was a great evening and promises well for the competition evenings to come.

'View of Whitby' by John Cade

Michael Myers won this month's on-line competition with his image 'Still Life'. Remember that any member can vote in this competition, not just those who entered.