'Plug Hole' by Graeme Mitchell

On 22nd June, we saw the results of our June Project. Of the five teams who started out on this project, four produced final results with imaginative sets of images for some very difficult topics. Each team explained their approach and the background to each image. After careful consideration by the members present, a vote gave a clear victory  to Team 2 - Zulfi Ali and Graeme Mitchell for their set on the topic of  'Aperture'.

'Through the Bridge' by Graeme Mitchell                 'Aperture Horizontal' by Zulfi Ali

'Spilled Milk' by Zulfi Ali                                               ' Aperture in Old Camera' by Graeme Mitchell

It was just as well Zulfi was present to explain what his abstract images actually were!

        'Station Passage' by Graeme Mitchell                  'Through the Tunnel' by Graeme Mitchell

   'Grate' by Zulfi Ali                             'The Hole in the Wall                              'Path Through the Gap'                                                                    by Zulfi Ali                                                 by Graeme Mitchell                   


         'Through the Eye of a Needle'             'Smelling the Flowers'

                      by Zulfi Ali                                     by Graeme Mitchell

A great effort by the teams, much enjoyed by those present!

                       Team 2 & Rais