A new endeavour began at the 1 June meeting when we set up the June Project. Intended to take advantage of our extended season this year, the Project involves teams each preparing a slide show on a theme. These will be judged against each other on 22 June by the club members.

Teams and themes were drawn from a 'hat' and the results were:-

Team 1

Jason Feather & David Hopkinson

Theme - Noise


Team 2

Zulfi Ali & Graeme Mitchell

Theme - Aperture


Team 3

Mark Revill & Steve Swiss

Theme - Machinery

Team 4

Tony Kilcoyne & John Jawnyj

Theme - Gravity


Team 5

Rais Hasan & Martin Singleton

Theme - Hope

Only members own images taken during the duration of the project may be used.


The rest of the meeting was taken up by the teams developing their plans for the three weeks ahead and, of course, drinking tea.


It should be interesting to see what they come up with!