On 4th May Andy Withey started the meeting with a short introduction to Instagram where BPS will now have a presence.

Then some of the potential of the ‘PicturestoExe’ programme was demonstrated by Peter Sykes. While many other programmes exist, this remains the most powerful and workmanlike tool for creating a completely self-contained audio-visual presentation that does not need another programme to run.

He included how sound tracks can be added and overlapped to fade in and out and how objects can be added and animated to move round on another image. Sometimes defying nature!

After tea, Graeme Mitchell ran just some of his large collection of AV presentations from all over the world. It is amazing what can be done, but also amazing how much dedication and work goes into the really impressive ones. The magnificent AV that brought the Le Mans 24 hrs race to life had been made over three years!

An interesting evening with more food for thought.