We all look forward to our annual visit from Oliver Wright and we are never disappointed! 13 April was no exception, when we were treated to the story of his year, both photographically and personally. As ever, the images were absolutely stunning and the skill, dedication and passion that goes into making them shone through each one.

Oliver stared with incredible high-magnification macro shots of the insect life round Garforth taken in the summer. Running Nature photography courses in the Dales built up his public profile. Winning  Commendations from the British Wildlife magazine led to Canon inviting him to speak at Birdfair 2016 in Rutland.

An autumn trip to the lesser-known end of Iceland brought some fantastic landscapes including the amazing Dettifoss waterfall and the first of the aurorae. And more macros of tiny ice formation details.

And so to work in Lapland. The map he showed brought home very clearly just how remote Abisko is. While global warming was measured by the reduction of days at -35 degrees from two week last year to a single day this year.

The stream of extraordinary images was punctuated with tales of interesting accommodation, landscape and aurora courses and off-duty multi-day wilderness hikes. The challenge of the hikes  could only be fully appreciated  in the helicopter shots. Very fatiguing all round!

With a puppy, an ermine, reflections in eyeballs, ice flowers, yoga, King Gustav, ice caves, the Berlin escalator tree  and frost-covered eyelashes there was a kaleidoscope of imagination and technique.

It was a great privilege to hear how Oliver follows his passion, to enjoy his wonderful images and to watch his professional career develop as the world comes to acknowledge his work.