Our training evening on 6 April comprised a review of the print images that were hung in last year's Yorkshire Photographic Union Exhibition.

The DVD produced each year after the annual YPU exhibition is set up to allow each image to be studied individually allowing analysis and comment by club members.

On this occasion there were plenty of appreciative comments but not without criticism or witticism - 'it would make a good wallpaper pattern'. And close study allowed us to detect some quite obvious sub-standard post-processing. The high-speed judging process adopted by the YPU clearly puts great emphasis on immediate impact rather than slow detailed appreciation.

There was a great cheer for the successes from our own club with 'C-Smoke' from William Crabtree (below) and 'Interior, St Martin in the Fields' by Steve Swis (header) being selected for hanging in the exhibition and the latter being awarded a Certificate of Merit. Well done guys!