Only a day late,  we had our very own Burns Night on 26 January when Heather Burns came to talk to us about her work. Considering that she only started photography seriously four years ago Heather produces some terrific work in the rock music field that is published regularly in the magazines.

With a musical background, and being married to a musician, Heather's connections produced some very useful backstage passes originally although her reputation opens all doors now. From equipment, camera settings and timing to composition she explained it all! After sharing her techniques for capturing stunning atmospheric images in the frantic low-light conditions of a rock gig, Heather covered her work on publicity - posters CD covers and images for Facebook.

She then turned to her latest ideas for producing extremely striking Digital Art images  - a whole new field in which she is already making an impressive impact.

Interaction with members was continued long after the talk itself finished and I am sure most of us came away with very useful new technical knowledge.  What we need now is some flair of course!