On 3 November our training session led by Andy Holland at Opus Studios attracted fourteen members. Our model was Lizzie Farrar who contributed a lot to the shots we got by using her experience to produce great poses and responding well to individual's ideas.

Andy set out to demonstrate the use of  four studio lights and a white background to produce for different effects. First we tried the high-key set-up with a white background, then a grey background followed by a dark background and finally a artistic rim-lit effect. Everyone had a turn using their camera with the studio flash, posing the model and choosing their shots.

While waiting their turn, most people tried low-light shots of the proceedings and well as drinking tea and swapping results, of course.

Having completed the planned session, Paul Richards asked if he could use the set-up to take some low-light atmospheric shots involving a hat. Although Paul was the only one to come prepared with a tripod, most of us stole a few hand-held versions to great effect.

It was a terrific training experience! Many thanks to Andy and Lizzie!