Report of Bradford Photographic Society Meetings

The reports of the meetings held by Bradford Photographic Society

'Rushpast' by Steve Swiss

Our first meeting of the new session, on 7 September, was very well attended. There was an impressive number of potential new members, a number of whom had brought their summer images to show.

Combined with the images already submitted by members into the Dropbox, we had about 200 images to show. Tom Heggie's suggestion of using half of each person's images was shouted down and we set out to show the lot!

Image of the Year - 'Honister Pass' by Graham Binns

On 29 June our President, Rais Hasan LRPS LDPS, had a very busy evening!

Before the main business of the evening, he  acknowledged members' achievements in external competitions and qualifications during 2016-7:

·         David Hopkinson won the Mabel Bruce Trophy for the best Architecture print from the YPU

·         Graham Binns won a Certificate of Merit from the YPU

·         Kyle Smith became a Qualified Member of the Guild of Photographers

·         Rais, himself, was awarded the Licentiate of the Royal Photographic Society

The club trophies were then presented.

The Trophies

'Plug Hole' by Graeme Mitchell

On 22nd June, we saw the results of our June Project. Of the five teams who started out on this project, four produced final results with imaginative sets of images for some very difficult topics. Each team explained their approach and the background to each image. After careful consideration by the members present, a vote gave a clear victory  to Team 2 - Zulfi Ali and Graeme Mitchell for their set on the topic of  'Aperture'.

A new endeavour began at the 1 June meeting when we set up the June Project. Intended to take advantage of our extended season this year, the Project involves teams each preparing a slide show on a theme. These will be judged against each other on 22 June by the club members.

Teams and themes were drawn from a 'hat' and the results were:-

On 18 May we had our final competition night of the year. There were two competitions, one for the best audio-visual presentation and one for the best image taken using a phone or tablet.  Both competitions were judged by a vote by the members present.
There were 7 authors entering the phone/tablet competition, with up to 4 image-entries each.  The winner was Gareth Nolan with an image of the beautiful Waswater in dramtic weather, shown above.

On 4th May Andy Withey started the meeting with a short introduction to Instagram where BPS will now have a presence.

Then some of the potential of the ‘PicturestoExe’ programme was demonstrated by Peter Sykes. While many other programmes exist, this remains the most powerful and workmanlike tool for creating a completely self-contained audio-visual presentation that does not need another programme to run.

We all look forward to our annual visit from Oliver Wright and we are never disappointed! 13 April was no exception, when we were treated to the story of his year, both photographically and personally. As ever, the images were absolutely stunning and the skill, dedication and passion that goes into making them shone through each one.

Our training evening on 6 April comprised a review of the print images that were hung in last year's Yorkshire Photographic Union Exhibition.

The DVD produced each year after the annual YPU exhibition is set up to allow each image to be studied individually allowing analysis and comment by club members.

On the 30 March we held the 156th Annual General Meeting of the Society, followed by a short presentation showing the images that do well in the Interclub competitions.

'No Backing Off' by Alex Daniel

The AGM saw two trusty officers standing down from the Club Council. Paul Richards stands down from the posts of YPU Representative and Publicity Secretary while Peter Sykes stands down from the Council but will continue as Webmaster. Gerry Gorman and Ian Thrilling were welcomed as new members of the Council.

Last night was the third of our print competitions. In the words of the judge Margaret Southerngton LRPS, "our members do get to to travel to all sorts of places."

Margaret also commented on the great range of images as is usual for the society.

The JW Murray Trophy was the first to be judged.

1st place went to Andy Withey with his picture of Victoria Gate Leeds (20 pts). "It has good shapes and tones, with detail even in the darker areas."

2nd went to GRaham Binns with his picture of "Keswick Clouds" (also 20 pts)

3rd went to Graeme Mitchell with his "Saltsburg Horses" (19 pts)

On 16 March we were privileged to hear a talk by Colin Harding, who was Curator of Photography and Phototechnology at the National Media Museum until last summer. He is now a humble student, he says, but he does not seem to have forgotten much!

It was an impressive lecture full of flashes of illumination (why is it called a camera?) to amusing asides. Apparently William Henry Fox Talbot, who was not known at the time by that name anyway, only developed his photographic process in response to the discovery that his new wife was a much better painter than he was. Not to worry, it was being invented independently by a number of others at the same time anyway! She referred to his original camera as a 'mousetrap'  and the name stuck (see header).

We started March with a very interesting training evening  on 2nd entitled  'How to Capture Birds'. Our speaker was Michael Myers, a member whose bird images have impressed club members and judges alike.