Report of Bradford Photographic Society Meetings

The reports of the meetings held by Bradford Photographic Society

He doesn't look old enough to have been a professional photographer for 38 years but our speaker on 11 January, Giles Rocholl, gave himself a head start by being taken on as an apprentice photographer by a Harrogate newspaper when he was sixteen.

Critique Evening

'Coniston Blue' by Gareth Nolan

We started 2018 on 3 January with a Critique Evening. For the first time we imposed our new rule to use only the first four images from each person so restricting the total to a reasonable number and allowing a good discussion of each image without over-extending the evening.

In spite of appearances, our photographic quiz night on 15 December did not include charades. Rais was demonstrating yoga - don't ask. John J won the quiz with 35 out of 48, finally admitting that he had not just chosen option (d) for every answer as he originally claimed.

What a competition evening - it even snowed! The last day of November saw our first print trophy night of the 2017-8 session and it was very well supported. There were 43 entries for the WH Hammond portrait trophy and 44 for the JH Leighton open pictorial trophy. This produced a prodigious workload for our judge, Andrew Rothery, which he tackled with gusto and without skimping on the useful advice or the witty asides.

Thursday 23rd. November’s meeting was mysteriously entitled “Art of Metamorphosis”.

The session featured a presentation and demonstration of the work of award winning Pontefract photographer Andrea Hargreaves. As many may be aware Andrea was the most lauded entrant in last year’ YPU Exhibition with 11 Acceptances, 2 Awards and 5 Certificates of Merit.

Our first Critique evening of the year on 23 November was well supported with 75 images submitted by 16 members. It was well attended too. Although one members could not be present to hear the comments on his pictures, the views expressed were still constructive and helpful to everyone else.

'Norfolk Old Grocery Store' by Graeme Mitchell

Our visit to the Bradford Astronomical Society's Observation Site at Sconce Lane on 2 November was not favoured with good weather. Contrary to the optimistic weather forecast,  the cloud was almost continuous, allowing us only a few fleeting glances of the moon.

12th October's meeting saw an interesting talk on the often lauded photographers paradise of Cuba. Ex-BPS president Paul Richards had entered a competition run by a leading UK photography magazine to win an all expenses paid photographer-led trip to Cuba.

                     Havana Harbour

Paul had long forgotten entering the competition when he got an email saying he had won a prize and giving a contact number.  As would all sensible people, Paul put it straight into the trash bin fearing an obvious scam. Later a follow up phone call from a leading photography tour company convinced him that he had indeed won a fabulous trip to Cuba.


Our first practical evening of the year was on 28 September when the club took on Still Life. With a total of five still life set-ups provided, there was a reasonable choice and space for everyone to have ago at each one.

21st September saw our first speaker of this session. Paul Richardson, whose work can be admired on YouTube, has been involved in time-lapse for some time, working professionally in the field for the last four years. He came all the way from Manchester to spread the time-lapse gospel to an eager Bradford PS audience.

Our second meeting of the new session, on 14 September, was held at the Silkwood Studios in Cleckheaton. Despite a good turn-out, with some discipline imposed, everyone had a fair go at photographing the model in each of her three outfits and set-ups using the studio lighting. Inevitably everyone tried available-light shots too.

'Rushpast' by Steve Swiss

Our first meeting of the new session, on 7 September, was very well attended. There was an impressive number of potential new members, a number of whom had brought their summer images to show.

Combined with the images already submitted by members into the Dropbox, we had about 200 images to show. Tom Heggie's suggestion of using half of each person's images was shouted down and we set out to show the lot!