Category: History of Bradford Photographic Society

[Reproduced from a booklet produced for the Centenary of the Society in 1960]

The First Year's Syllabus

Ordinary Meetings held at 8 pm in St George's Hall on the first Wednesday of each month.

President; J V GODWIN
Secretary; JOSEPH BELDON, 7 Albert Terrace, Manningham Lane
Treasurer; S H STANLEY


7 November; Inaugural meeting. Election of Officers.
5 December; Paper-"The Waxed Paper Process" Mr W H Leather.


2 January; Paper -"A Photographic Retrospect", Charles Butterfield.
6 February; Paper by Mr Stanley (postponed). Display and discussion of members' prints.
6 March; Paper by Mr Stanley.
3 April; Report by Sub-Committee on the Test of a Lens. Display and discussion of prints.
1 May; Paper -"The Fothergill Process". Mr J Beldon.
5 June; Auction sale of the lens. General discussion, mainly on the Tannin Process:
? June; Outing-to Crag Vale.
3 July; Paper and Demonstration-"The Tannin Process". Dr Parkinson (who was in the chair).
7 August; Comments on the Tannin Process, and a Display of Failures, by Mr Nichols.
4 September; Paper-'The Gum and Borax Process of the Rev Lawson Sisson". Mr Abbey.
3 October; Paper -"On the Choice of a Dry Process". George Shad bolt.
5 November; Annual meeting. Display of Prints by Mr. Mudd of Manchester, and criticism by members.