What does 'Abacaxi' mean? We were asked on 22nd February when Sally Sallett gave her talk. 'Pineapple' apparently in Portuguese. Who knew? - well actually there was one small voice from the back of the room! Good to know that someone in the club goes beyond Yorkshire and English.

Her tale of moving her boat (Abacaxi), with her husband, across half the UK canal system was an impressive saga. Something of a travelogue in pictures with plenty of information on the canals and the ups and downs of using them.

'Big Lock'

Very fascinating for the uninitiated and clearly exhausting for those involved on the bits with lots of locks. I shall look at those photogenic instruments of torture with more respect from now on!

'Black Sheep'

Taking in the canal-side pubs and stately homes the journey included a visit to George Formby's house.

'Tuel Lane Lock'

From Lichfield to Wakefield, the pretty way avoiding big tunnels, it was quite a tale and made a great evening's viewing.

'Boat Lift'

Many thanks to Sally for her entertaining delivery.


All pictures by Sally Sallett ARPS CPAGB AFIAP BPE3*