'Bamburgh Dawn' by Gareth Nolan (20)

Congratulations to the winners of our trophies on 1 February - Gareth Nolan for the Bronze Statuette Novice competition and Andrew Holland for the D Bates All-Rounder competition.

In the Novice, 2nd place went to Bev Keighley and 3rd place jointly to Gareth Nolan and Mike Barrett. Gareth Nolan and Bev Keighley scored 20.

'Working Man's Hands' by Bev Keighley (20)

'New York' by Andy Holland (20)

In the D Bates, 2nd place went jointly to Rais Hasan and Michael Myers. Images which scored 20 were by Andrew Holland, Rais Hasan, Mike Myers and Graeme Mitchell.

'Deep in Mud' by Rais Hasan (20)

'Snowman' by Michael Myers (20)

All scores and images can be seen here -


'Blencathra' by Graeme Mitchell (20)