Our members talk evening on 20 April was very interesting.

First John Shackleton explained his mountain-biking origins which developed his love of the landscape. Via compacts & action cameras, he graduated to his DSLR just before Christmas. Since then his natural sense of composition, coupled with  a commendable determination to catch the golden hours, has won him over 20 appearances on the weatherman's TV slot .

He admitted to having broken every camera he has owned until his current one but it looks like that will serve him well for a while judging from the quality of the output!

Next Zulfi Ali related his journey from model, as the youngest member of a family containing two budding photographers, to the only brother with a long-term interest in photography. Starting with a basic digital camera in 2002 he now uses a Canon 350D and his subjects have progressed from family to sport and a spreading interest in many other subjects. Moving from hectic contract work to a 9-5 job with Yorkshire Water has give Zulfi enough time and he has developed his interests  using magazines and Youtube.

Two very successful self-taught photographers, they are most welcome to the ranks of BPS!


After tea we reviewed some of the Digital images that were successful in the Photographic Association of Great Britain's 2016 Great British Cup. A noticeable increase in the proportion of heavily post-processed artistic images was evident but there were still some superb classic compositions too.

A fine evening of home-grown and national-level images to spark the imagination.