A first for our Society, 9 March saw a joint competition with Stowarzyzenie  FOTSPOT a photography group in Poznan, Poland. Each club had selected twenty images on the topic 'Exoticism'. The BPS images were judged by two Polish judges nominated by FOTSPOT while the FOTSPOT images were judged by a judge nominated by BPS. These operations were carried out separately and the results revealed at our meetings on Thursday.


Among our images, the winner was 'Yorkshire Barn' by Tony Kilcoyne (see header) with 'Goit Stock Falls with Ice' by Steve Swis and 'Redbrook Jetty' by Graham Binns sharing second place.

We have neither titles or author's names for the Polish images but the top-scoring images are shown below:

First Place

Second Place

Third Place

Highly Commended

Our judge, who wishes to be known as 'The Stig', illustrated his comments by showing us images modified in line with his comments. Members found this very useful as it really brought home how detailed changes can dramatically improve the impact of an image.

Our first 'International' event was a great success and we look forward to repeating the fixture, with improvements, next year.