Our practical session on 2 February gave members the opportunity to wield their cameras and various accessories to their hearts content on 'table top' subjects .

Paul Richards started the evening by giving a short demonstration of a very powerful battery powered portable studio-strength ring-flash system that he found he could get direct from the German manufacturer at an amazing bargain price

Graeme Mitchell produced a very artistic still life setup comprising wine, cheese, olives and grapes. While we were allowed to re-arrange the set-up after a while apparently actually eating the grapes was not the idea. Cheese was issued for good behaviour at the end.

Image by Steve Swiss

A mirror tile with a pair of forks and three cherry tomatoes was provided by Rais Hasan to allow us to try to reproduce his striking still life image from last year.

Michael Myers' setup involved a fish tank, some coloured peppers and a neat flash arrangement with two flash heads and a transmitter that seemed to work with all the cameras we tried. Catching the splash as the veg was dropped into the tank was a lot of fun (and not entirely impossible)

Graeme's nice German beer tankard provided an interesting detailed circular shape to challenge the lighting systems.

Image by David Hopkinson

In each case the original authors were available for hints and tips and their own impressive images were on display to give us something to aim for while Don Crabtree patrolled the room providing his usual priceless guidance.

A real fun evening!