So that's how they do it! Rais and I, aided and abetted by my wife Annette, witnessed the sale of the BPS archive material in 25 lots at Tennants in Leyburn on 4th January. It was a fascinating process for the uninitiated (myself) involving telephone bids and internet bids as well as waves and twitches from people in the room. And so quick! Also there were all sorts of interesting and unusual things on sale too - e.g. a signed second edition of the Origins of the Species by Charles Darwin.

photo Graeme Mitchell

In spite of there being no bids for five of our lots, the total of the bids for the rest came to more than the valuer's top estimate. Happy days! Credit must go to Tennants for displaying our material in their magnificent  display cases at Leyburn as well as the window of their shop in Harrogate. They could not have done more to drum up interest.

The auction house is a fascinating place to visit as there are beautiful displays of items awaiting future auction sales.

In fact there is still some interest in our remaining unsold items as a result of the publicity that the auction has provided. Watch this space.

all photos by Rais Hasan except as marked.