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It was pretty foggy outside on 15 March, but, inside, our judge brought clarity in her comments. Returning only three weeks after delivering her talk on her canal journey, Sally Sallett ARPS CPAGB AFIAP BPE* provided plenty of good technical advice and witty asides in judging our 2 1/2 trophies.

With a single person entering, the Greenwood Trophy could not run as a proper competition. However Sally did a critique on the prints which Martin can enter in future competitions.

What does 'Abacaxi' mean? We were asked on 22nd February when Sally Sallett gave her talk. 'Pineapple' apparently in Portuguese. Who knew? - well actually there was one small voice from the back of the room! Good to know that someone in the club goes beyond Yorkshire and English.

The recorded lecture we hired from the PAGB that was shown on 15th February was entitled 'Photography and Art'. Presented by Adrian Lines MPAGB FBPE EFIAP ARPS, it demonstrated his take on altered reality.

On 8th February, our 3D Extravaganza Training evening started with Graeme Mitchell setting out the history of 3D imaging stretching back to the mid-1800s. Apparently an  evening round the fire with the stereoscope was the late Victorians' equivalent of television.

That technique was based on taking pairs of images and viewing them side-by-side through a stereoscope. Methods developed over the years and the anaglyph method with two superimposed tinted images being viewed through tinted glasses is the current favourite. This involves taking two images from camera positions spaced horizontally equivalent to the space between human eyes.

'Bamburgh Dawn' by Gareth Nolan (20)

Congratulations to the winners of our trophies on 1 February - Gareth Nolan for the Bronze Statuette Novice competition and Andrew Holland for the D Bates All-Rounder competition.

In the Novice, 2nd place went to Bev Keighley and 3rd place jointly to Gareth Nolan and Mike Barrett. Gareth Nolan and Bev Keighley scored 20.

'Working Man's Hands' by Bev Keighley (20)

Our meeting on 25 January consisted of the presentation of sets of six images on a theme chosen by the author. The choices of theme varied widely from 'The Lakes' to 'Wickets'. With eleven members submitting sets of images we had a varied and interesting evening. Here is only a tiny selection of the 66 images we saw.

'Baby Fingers' by Melissa Harper from the theme Children

 18 January saw a hybrid training evening. The first half was a talk by David Hopkinson on Architectural Record photography. The winner of the YPU's Mabel Bruce Trophy for the best Architecture or General Record Print in 2107, David knows a thing or two about this topic.


He doesn't look old enough to have been a professional photographer for 38 years but our speaker on 11 January, Giles Rocholl, gave himself a head start by being taken on as an apprentice photographer by a Harrogate newspaper when he was sixteen.

Did you know that Gareth Nolan won the July-August section of the YPU on-line competition? His image, 'Best Foot Forward', see below, goes into the final competition for the best on-line image of the year. You can vote at

Obviously you will vote for the image you like best but don't forget that Gareth belongs to OUR CLUB!


Critique Evening

'Coniston Blue' by Gareth Nolan

We started 2018 on 3 January with a Critique Evening. For the first time we imposed our new rule to use only the first four images from each person so restricting the total to a reasonable number and allowing a good discussion of each image without over-extending the evening.

In spite of appearances, our photographic quiz night on 15 December did not include charades. Rais was demonstrating yoga - don't ask. John J won the quiz with 35 out of 48, finally admitting that he had not just chosen option (d) for every answer as he originally claimed.

Bingley hosted this year's battle on 11th December.


As per last year battle was totally DPI images with there being no print entries. The judge was Colin Williams and was very fair giving some excellent comments..

The night was both disappointing and elating all in one evening.

Disappointment  - To say we were outnumbered in membership turnout is a little understated - their 40+ to our 2 members.

At the half time tea break Binley were slightly ahead 259 points to our 240.

Elated – well you can guess this bit – by the end of the evening we had pulled ahead and the final score was

               Bingley – 492   Bradford PS – 512 - we won.

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