Instead of just staring at the computer, trying to find old images taken in the past, then playing with them, and letting them have a second viewing, (and some people have over 10,000 images to go at), pick up your camera, wipe the dust off and make some new images.

At this time of year, it's always difficult to make the effort, what with low temperatures and biting winds, fog and rain, not to mention the white stuff. However, the weather itself is a challenge to photograph, and let's face it, we had a fair variation in the past few weeks.

All weather conditions open new opportunities to play with your camera and lenses, and test your ability to find that unique shoot. Winter condition s always bring new areas of light challenges, with short daylight hours.

Modern cameras are a lot better made than in the old days when it comes to water proofing, and you can always buy a cheap raincoat for the camera/ lens, if you are really serious. Even photographs taken from the car are still better than couch photography.

I am lucky, I have a four legged friend who is always ready to go out regardless of weather, so I have no excuses. I think the effort to go out is harder than when you are actually out, but let's not get too deep on the physiology bit. Warm waterproof clothing with big pockets is the answer to cold wet days, and a good pair of Rigger boots to keep your feet warm and dry.

If this cannot persuade you to get out there, then buy a dog, and you will have no choice.

Cameras were made to collect images rather than dust.